APML’s wide-ranging relocation assistance and post-move settlement planning carried out by trained personnel make the transition hassle-free and synchronized for you. They go all out of their way to help you move – not just your personal space but also your workstation or business goods, as and how you need them.

By addressing your moving needs entirely, they make a supportive plan that aids you in executing your move effortlessly, along with briefing you on the primary list of “do’s and don’ts” that you should follow at the time of packing and moving.

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Advice (Do’s) you should follow:

    • Move Planning: Start planning for your move on time to escape any chances of shortfall or disturbance along the journey. Give time to your moving plan in the early stages so you can save yourself from any last-minute moving rush.
    • Early Assessment: Dig deeper to assess the amount of goods you have at home so you can rationally incorporate the ones that you want to shift to your new house, to the inventory list. Keep the list precise with only the important items from your premises.
    • Right Investment: Getting the right kind of boxes, packing sheets, protective wraps, etc. is of utmost importance when you are accumulating packing materials in place, ahead of the packing task. Check the quality of every material to be used, to get the best kind of packaging for your goods.

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    • Packing Process: Start with packing the intricate items and fragile articles at first and set them aside once done, to focus on the other less-complicated packing tasks. Leave the packing responsibility to the movers entirely if you want professional handling of all your goods or if there are any tricky items.
    • Handling Measure: To handle every article from your house appropriately, follow a low-risk packing formula that does not exert extra pressure on your belongings and prepares them in no time. For this, you can consider moving advice from experts or refer to useful moving information online.
    • Finance Management: Early move planning, saving up enough for the integral relocation expenses, and managing funds for the security deposit would require you to have an adequate amount of funds. So, track your outlays and avoid overspending on moving expenses that you can easily avoid.
    • Risk Coverage: Pay attention to the insurance coverage plan that you are going to choose for your belongings for the move. This is extremely important to keep your valuables protected if in case; they face any unforeseen damage or loss during the transit. For this, make sure you are clear on the terms and conditions provided by the company in the risk coverage policy.
    • Coordinating Well: Keeping up with the coordination of the pre-move tasks and also staying in touch with the moving experts throughout the move would help you to track the progress of your move in real-time and help you to work on the areas that you find not getting rightly addressed.
    • Renting a Vehicle: If possible, you should inspect your moving vehicle before booking it from your chosen moving company. Verify if the moving truck or cube (whatever you decide to book for your move) has good space, is in fair condition, and has all the crucial safety installations in place.
    • Inspecting Packages: The responsibility of the customer in the relocation process has to be far-reaching wherein the moving cartons delivered at the destination are thoroughly checked by him in the presence of the packers and any kind of mutilation is reported there and then and the claim is recovered.

Don’ts of Moving:

    • Do not hurriedly hire movers: Give yourself adequate time to run a thorough evaluation of the available moving options (moving companies) to find and choose the one that is authentic and has budget-friendly rates. Read the website of the company thoroughly before arriving at a decision.
    • Do not fall prey to fake deals: Be careful when you are signing up for a moving contract. Make sure to research well about the background of the mover to avoid falling prey to appealing offers and catchy websites that have nothing authentic and valuable to offer, in terms of relocation assistance.
    • Do not skip distinctive services: Evaluate your moving needs appropriately to decide the kind of packing and handling assistance they might require to stay intact until their delivery at the destination. Then accordingly, select tailored packing and moving services, designed for those different goods at your premises and look forward to a hassle-free move.
    • Do not pack and move it all: Keeping the moving load in check, prudently pack your goods for the move by picking only the needful articles. Things that seem to be of no use or are extremely old and unmanageable should be eliminated from your space before you get ahead with packing the rest.
    • Do not compromise on tools: To execute a move painlessly, arrange the required moving equipment and materials in place. Do not skip this integral part of the process as only when the goods are dealt with well and packed protectively, would they stay intact throughout the transit journey.
    • Do not settle for poor materials: Get strong moving boxes and special cartons like wardrobe boxes, garment boxes, crockery cartons, corrugated boxes for specialty items, and big, sturdy boxes designed for distinct purposes at your place, before you begin packing. Investing in the right kind of boxes will help you to relocate your goods safely.
    • Do not over-pack moving boxes: Over-packing your moving boxes is also not advisable because that would make them extremely heavy and therefore, difficult to lift and haul. Leave some room in each box to add padding materials inside to keep the goods safe from any kind of external harm.
    • Do not miss to read the contract: Be aware of the enlisted terms and conditions mentioned on the moving contract to plan and conduct a hassle-free move. Check every detail mentioned on the contract and discuss with the moving expert if something is unclear or there is any discrepancy.
    • Do not skip moving insurance: Purchase suitable insurance coverage for your belongings – either from the moving company you have booked or an external insurance agency. Insure your move entirely and seek extra protection for your valuable goods so you can claim a fair amount as reimbursement in case your article faces loss or damage.
    • Do not take risks with the packing: Using double-duty boxes for high-end belongings and customized cartons for fixtures, accessories, and other special articles will provide the needful protection for your goods. So, arrange them in place before you get started to carry out the handling process in a risk-free manner.

Making a new place your own and gradually adjusting yourself to the eccentricity of the new destination city or the country you have moved in, is daunting but that does not authorize us to compromise with the preparation of it.

One should get in place all the basics of relocation they need, and consult their move coordinator or the team of experts on time to get through the move in a safe, seamless, and sorted manner.

Refer to the clues from the checklist provided above to know the moving “do’s” and “don’ts” to relocate painlessly.

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The art pieces are picked up from the location and is wrapped and crated safely. Then, they are picked to the vehicle in which it is going to be transported to its destination.

No, the normal individual can also avail the services to move their art pieces from one destination to another.

Yes, we use high grade quality material to pack and move your delicate fine art pieces. Our courteous staff pack and move the art pieces with extra care.

When you give us the responsibility of moving your art pieces, we deliver it with extreme diligence. You can anytime track your shipment through our consignment tracking page.