Local Moving Checklist

    • Verify movers’ backgrounds: Discover top moving companies around you with extensive research. Choose qualified movers with relevant experience and genuine credentials. Do not forget to check their registration details and license, additionally. Compare the rates well with other shortlisted movers to choose a smart move option. Determine the range of packing and moving services in their assortment before you proceed with the packing preparations.
    • Eliminate surplus belongings: Consider donating, discarding, or selling all your surplus household items to relocate easily within your budget. Get rid of old furniture items, obsolete devices, and appliances, occasionally-used equipment and tools, old-fashioned clothes, or anything that you do not use now and would not need in the future, either.
    • Prepare moving inventory: Make a list of all your household articles that you decide to move to your new address, clearly on paper. Revisit your space multiple times to be precise with the items you want to send off with the movers. Attend the high-value items and fragile items alone and pack them separately, in durable moving boxes.
    • Pack as per the floor plan: When evaluating belongings for the move, give time to evaluate the giant items like the furniture and appliances from your space. Do not forget to take their measurements so you can match them with the floor plan of your new house. Do also keep in mind the dimension of certain spaces where you will set up your oversize goods like the refrigerator and the television cabinet.

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    • Get your finances ready: It is evident to run out of money quickly when you are in the process of preparing for the move. But on-time budgeting and early planning for the move can help you to sail through the transition fairly easily. Start saving money as you get closer to your move date so you can pay for the actual pre-move or post-move expenses that are way more crucial outlays, easily.
    • Prepare a moving binder: Create a moving folder to keep all your important papers in place. Have this folder prepared bit by bit ahead of your move date wherein you can place all the required documents as and when you get them ready. Set your house papers, medical certificates, birth and marriage certificates, employment proofs, house papers, and other house papers and legal documents inside this binder and keep it in an accessible place.
    • Pack things that you want: To help make the process easier, consider packing the things that you can or you want to, do as and when you are comfortable. Personal belongings that you want to handle by yourself or any expensive or exclusive set of goods you do not want strangers to attend can be taken care of by you, provided, you follow the right tips and use appropriate materials for the job. This will also help you save good money.
    • Prepare valuables distinctly: Goods that are extremely fragile or exceptional should be handled with care, using protective packaging materials that can keep them safe throughout the move. Decide if you want to pack them by yourself or want the professionals to do it entirely. Do also make sure to inspect the packing process to be sure of their safety.
    • Do not forget to label boxes: Label the moving boxes either with numbers or names and make sure the sticker/tag you add to them mentions the details you want to specify on the box, clearly and there is nothing over the board. Avoid making it look clumsy and add cling wraps atop the boxes as the ‘final packing layer’ for better protection.
    • Monitor priority packages: To prevent any kind of shipping damage, it is important to pack valuable and sensitive goods with extra care. However, every belonging you decide to move requires proper packing but the boxes comprising of special articles should be safeguarded highly with packing peanuts, foam sheets, and air pillows, and should be carefully handled while lifting, loading, and unloading.
    • Be in touch with the manager: Contact the moving coordinator before the move to reconfirm every detail. Notify the moving expert again about the particulars you want the crew to take care of so that nothing gets overlooked and you get to relocate peacefully. Having an expert moving consultant with you throughout would simplify the transition in every possible way.
    • Ensure to settle all your dues: If you have not already settled your pending bills, make sure you do that at the earliest. Update agencies/organizations about your move and get your address changed on time. Divert your letters and posts to the new address so you continue receiving your mails easily.

International Moving Checklist

    • Keep extra funds for the move: Not keeping adequate funds with you especially when you are carrying out a foreign move is not a sensible idea. So, carry surplus funds and inquire if your bank has a branch in the new city. If not, get ahead with opening a bank account in the new city to facilitate your future transactions.
    • Finalize an accommodation: Finding new accommodation in a city or country you have never been to before would be a complicated process. So, research the new surrounding in advance to find affordable housing.
    • Explore foreign move tips: To prepare for your foreign move, refer to moving tips and guides that talk about international and long-distance move journeys. Referring to comprehensive overseas moving checklists like these will help you to prepare for the transition efficiently, without any hassle.
    • Hire international movers: Decide to find international moving companies that are licensed and registered and abide by foreign relocation guidelines to conduct safe and secure moving journeys.
    • Research travel guidelines: Relocation guides and guidelines are meant to help migrants know more about how to settle in a new city or country comfortably, along with assisting them with important moving strategies they should consider. So, take time out to explore important travel guidelines to relocate peacefully.
    • Get your documents ready: All your original documents should be ready and updated before your foreign move. Arrange everything in place because nobody loves to get surprises when moving to or in a foreign land. So, whatever important documents you think you would need (to reside in a new country comfortably) should be updated and ready.
    • Fulfill special requirements: When moving overseas, make sure to have a few essential things well taken care of – like extra cash, confirmed tickets for your travel, temporary accommodation permits, an almost addressed list of last-minute tasks you prepared (to close before the move), all your cards and the bag of necessities you would need for the journey.
    • Eliminate unnecessary things: Check every room to scan through your stuff and quickly decide on the items you are going to pack and move. Avoid shifting unnecessary articles to your new house to keep the moving load in check. Take note of the things you want distinct handling for (for instance, special packaging or protection).
    • Get the advised vaccinations: Collect information about the essential medications or vaccinations you would need to stay protected from any ongoing/prevalent medical concern in the new city. You can also get help regarding this from any medical expert or the physician that you consult. You can even get key details about the scenario from the internet.
    • Plan for your bank requisites: Before you move out, review your current bank statements and plan for your post-settlement things right at this point. If your bank has branches overseas, transferring your account would not be tough but otherwise, set up an account immediately to avoid problems concerning accessing your money in a foreign land.
    • Arrange the essentials early: Make sure you have all your essentials with you before you leave your current place for the move. Visit the doctor to get the required medicines on time; run errands to purchase everything you would need for the moving journey including snacks, seeds, dried foods, trail mix, nuts and protein bars, etc. Set aside the clothes you are going to wear, etc. Besides, also have your essentials bag prepared for the move.
    • Inspect your storage needs: When you evaluate your household goods, take note of the items you want to put in the storage. This pre-move assessment is important so you can decide what sort of storage assistance you would need for your storage-worthy items and the costs you are most likely to pay the storage company. For this, you can check out authentic storage options online to securely retain your surplus, seasonal goods until your new house seems ready to have them back.
    • Get A+ packing for your goods: To keep your valuable belongings safe throughout the journey, invest in top-quality packing materials. Review the packing supplies that are to be used by your hired team of movers and at last, ascertain if every article is packed appropriately for the journey.
    • Give yourself settling time: Once you receive the moving cartons at your premise, avoid getting into the unpacking task right away. Start by unpacking only the priority packages first. You can unpack the rest of your moving boxes conveniently at your own pace in the coming weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no hidden charges except the quotation provided by us on the initial pages. We follow transparency in our policies and want to offer a seamless move experience.

If you are moving long distances to a new state, the charges may be based on the weight of your shipment and mileage. These are referred to as transportation charges.

Fragile items should be those defined by you to be breakable or high value like dishes, glassware, artwork, fragile furniture, mirror etc.

Packing perishable, dangerous or hazardous materials in your household goods without your mover's knowledge is not a good idea. Seemingly innocent items such as nail polish remover, paint and automotive maintenance products can limit their liability if something goes wrong, so be sure you know which items are on the hazardous materials list.